Monday, June 30, 2008


WEEKLY UPDATE...So we're back from UT! It was an eventful yet fun trip. I'll post something later. Of course we went to the house straight from the airport, I had to see all the changes. The lights to the outside are up, and yes they are kind of small, oh well. The carpet is in, YIPEE!! Counter tops are in and the sink with faucet. I'm sure there are some out there thinking, everything is way dark, but hey I think it looks good! And like I mentioned before dark is good, hides the dirt better! Oh and we have our coveted, well not really, Air Conditioning!!! Kevin and I think whoever invented AC should be put on Mt. Rushmore, okay that's probably bad but seriously WE LOVE AC!!! We also have some very sad looking plants in the front but some dork put a huge metal sign on one of them so it looks REALLY sad. Who knows what is going in this week, but everything is happening at a much faster pace now!

The lights on the outside, look hard they're small!

This last picture makes me laugh...She was so excited to see the house and all the changes. She kept telling us she wanted to paint her room, pink AND purple I might add. Anyways, she thought that we were going to paint her room when we were there. But of course we couldn't and she was super ticked. Kevin was in there with her and he told her, "let's pretend to paint!" That made her even more mad. So this is her nasty little reaction to not painting her room.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Some pictures from our outdoor trek on Saturday. These photos were taken just outside of Boulder, CO at Eldorado Springs State Park. We had a blast and would recommend going there! We did a little bit of exploring, mostly because we didn't know where the path led, it ended at a huge mountain face! Reagan really enjoyed herself and surprisingly didn't complain once. This is a kid that walks three steps and says "hold you, my feet are killing me!" But we all enjoyed the much needed hiking and taking in God's beautiful creations!