Saturday, November 29, 2008


It's a little late but... Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!! We are truly grateful for the wonderful weekend we had together as a family. For starters we decided we didn't want to have the traditional Thanksgiving and cook all day and clean up all night so we cheated and headed over to Mimi's Cafe. So one would think, "oh there won't be that many people going to a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner." um the place was completely packed!!! In fact people made reservations for that night, CRAZY!!! We were shocked, but we saw why after. They had a very delicious turkey dinner, with all the fixings! I of course opted out of the turkey dinner and had my favorite salad, as you can see from the above picture, me happy I didn't have to cook! It was great, we missed spending time with family but enjoyed the low stress Thanksgiving. We haven't had the best experiences with Thanksgiving, but this year renewed our love of the holiday. This weekend was also a very productive weekend, if you can't tell I'm all about the productivity, I seem to mention it a lot, but anyway...we found our cute Christmas tree at a farm in Louisville. We thought Reagan would have a blast picking it out but she was more obsessed with the lazy black dog at the farm then helping us, oh well it probably went a lot faster without her input. After getting the tree home successfully we got out all the Christmas decorations, all five of them, and I'm not kidding and decorated the house and the tree. Reagan was especially "helpful" with decorating the tree, but she had fun, while she drove me nuts!!! Also part of the productivity was taking family pictures, let me tell you that was a load of fun with Reagan and Kevin who just love to be cooperative. But we finally got a decent one, decent in the sense that Kevin and I look good, mostly the decent one is the one that I look the least fat! Reagan isn't smiling but her "smile" these days is very fake. So I'm trying to finish because Reagan is being a little distracting, but we had an enjoyable weekend and are grateful for many things in our life. Oh I also forgot to mention that it snowed about four inches here the other night, Reagan was so excited to play in the snow and go sledding, the sledding didn't happen but she enjoyed playing until Kevin literally dragged her in the house.
Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


(I know I'm not very creative with my pictures, it's the easiest way to see a lot of pictures)
Being the true Cougar fans that we are we headed down to CO Springs for the game. I am in love with this area! We started our trip down there on Friday, right after Reagan's tap class. We stopped off at the Outlets at Castle Rock, it was extremely cold I think the high that day was in the upper 30s, YIKES!! So needless to say and to Kevin's enjoyment we weren't there very long. But I did find a new pair of boots, yeah for me! We were going to do some sight seeing down in CO Springs but because of our late departure and the cold we decided to just head over to our hotel. That night we went to the fireside held by the BYU players and the head coach Bronco Mendenhall. I was in shock, and because my love for the Cougars is not as great as some people, cough, cough, KEVIN, how many people go to those firesides. It was like a stake conference, in fact there were probably more people then a stake conference, sadly! They had some of the players speak and my favorite part was Brett Denney, who his parents are in our ward, played his violin. Okay this is a 6'4" 200 something pound guy playing this little violin, it was great! Reagan was so excited to see Sister Denney after the fireside was over, she just loves Sheri and it was a cute moment. It was fun to see some of the football players in a different and spiritual environment. The next day we headed over VERY early to the stadium, Kevin was a freak about being early that day. But we also had planned to attend the tailgate party put on by the Cougar Club. We were like the first twenty people there, I know, I wasn't kidding about being early. But we're glad we got there early we saw Kevin's distant cousin who is the Assistant Director for the Cougar Club, we haven't seen him in awhile it was nice to catch up. But the highlight of the tailgate was Reagan being so excited about Cosmo! When it was her turn to take a picture with him she walked right up to him and gave him a hug, she is absolutely in LOVE with him, in fact I got a picture of them hugging but it looked more like they were kissing, I told you Reagan loves Cosmo! Reags also enjoyed seeing some of the cheerleaders and of course had to get a picture with them. Okay so eventually we headed over to the game and had a blast seeing all the stuff that Air Force does for every game. We enjoyed the different squads come onto the field about 40 of them, para shooters, and of course a fly over by three fighter jets, HOLY COW THAT WAS LOUD, but fun nonetheless. All in all it was a great weekend, the Cougars won and we got to get away for a quick fun weekend!!
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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Halloween Festivities brought to you by Grandma Mary! Sorry I've been such a slacker about getting this up, we've had quite the exciting past couple of days since Halloween. We had so much fun this Halloween! It's much more exciting when Reagan actually knows what is going on and she has friends to share in the excitement. Reagan's friend Kedzie's grandmother was in town visiting and wanted to spoil all the kids. So the start of our crazy Halloween festivities began with a outing to Chuck E Cheese. Reagan had never been there before but had so much fun running around playing as many games that she could. Later that afternoon after much needed naps for all the kids and I think even Erin and Emily, we all headed over to the Ravsten's. Reagan was invited to a Halloween "Tea" Party and of course in their Halloween costumes. Reagan thoroughly enjoyed the "tea" party with Grandma Mary and her little friends. So thank you Grandma Mary we are so grateful to you for letting us join in the Halloween Festivities!
If you couldn't guess Reagan was Belle for Halloween and she even had her own little Beast! She was a dedicated Belle she even went trick-or-treating in her high heels! Crazy girl! We tagged along with the Holland family and went trick-or-treating in their neighborhood, our favorite memory was the adult size Pooh Bear drinking a beer, oh what memories! After our fun with the Hollands we came back over to our very quiet neighborhood, no beer drinking pooh bears. But Reagan and let's be honest Kevin made a killing with all the candy they got in our neighborhood, since we were one of about three trick-or-treaters in our area. So sad but hopefully next year we'll get more. So after a very full night of trick-or-treating and about 20 pounds of candy later, okay not really, we were all exhausted. We hope everyone had a fun Halloween!