Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am extremely pleased to announce that we are pregnant!!! It's about stinkin' time! I guess I can't complain too much, we have been trying for about a year and a half. Baby Vehar will make it's arrival August 31st. And as most of you know Reagan was a late baby so we'll see when this one wants to arrive. Reagan is so excited to be a big sister and she is also decided that we are having a girl. We've tried to explain everything to her but she is four and doesn't quite grasp that the baby is just a baby right now. Regardless she is so excited! We actually found out Christmas morning and I took two tests just to make sure. I not so happily started the "morning" sickness a couple of weeks ago, let me tell you SO MUCH FUN!! Okay not really but I'm just grateful to be pregnant. So we wanted to officially make this wonderful announcement and I'll post more on Baby Vehar in a couple of months!