Monday, October 20, 2008


This past Saturday was quite the productive day. All of us are officially safe from the flu, well at least we hope so. Kaiser had a free flu shot clinic and it was so nice to get all our shots at once. Reagan had the pleasure of getting the nasal flu spray, kind of weird but it was nice to not have to have a screaming child! After our very quick trip to Kaiser we headed over to Rock Creek Farms, just down the street from the Kaiser medical offices. We had been to this pumpkin farm when I was pregnant with Reags but not as fun without a kid. We waited in a little bit of a line just to get into the place and drove right up to a smaller patch of pumpkins. Reagan wanted to take home every single pumpkin she saw, which would have cost us a fortune, but thankfully she was easily swayed! We picked out two large pumpkins and drove over to a different part of the farm that had some farm animals and other fun free stuff. Reagan got to pet some small horses, not exactly sure the technical term for them but they were super cute and perfect Reagan size! And for some reason Reagan was in the mood to smile like a spaz, she looks way posed! All in all it was a very productive day and at the same time had some good ol' fall fun!