Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So most of you know the little Vehar family took a trip to UT to visit some family and friends. We were there for the 4th and Kev and my brother in-law Ryan had quite the time burning away $100 worth of fireworks, no joke! The box of fireworks was about 4 1/2 feet tall! What a waste, but the boys had fun. The kids had fun with the "cool" sparklers! Though the entire time we were worried one of them was going to burn either themselves or their cousin. There were also some very cute moments...on occasion they do like each other. Oh and yes Reagan is wearing her PJs we trashed it up that night! Earlier that morning my twin and I went and had some girl time...well Elissa just couldn't reach her feet anymore and needed a cute manicure before she had Ellie. It was nice to spend some time with her and get a little pampered! Oh and I had to take a last prego picture of her, doesn't she look so cute!?!?! Then three days Ellie! I'm slightly biased but she is SOOOO cute!! Kevin unfortunately had to go back for work so he wasn't able to see Ellie. Along with the exciting news of Ellie we heard some bad news while we were there. Kevin's 80 year old grandmother feel and broke her hip. She had surgery that Wednesday and was doing okay, as good as someone her age can do with having major surgery! She is the strongest most determined person I know, that's why we all love her so much. So the remainder of our trip we enjoyed our time with Liss and the kids and visiting Grandma Rollins in the hospital. We also got in some quality time with Ahbee and Papa (what the kids call my parents). Reagan went to the movies with them one day, and then we also all went to the museum. She loves hanging out with them and already misses them! All in all it was a exciting yet busy trip and we were grateful we were able to be there for the birth of Ellie and spend time with our wonderful families!!
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