Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So sadly Reagan isn't really one for drawing or drawing people. I thought this was worth putting up on our blog since this is her first official picture of herself. And yes her picture is a little creepy!! And no it's not cold outside she just has a thing for these fleece monkey pajamas, she makes me hot just looking at her.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I'm hitting a block...I can't think of anything witty to say...okay to be honest I'm not really that witty to begin with. But I wanted to post this picture of our cute little tree. I love how the leaves change with the beginning of fall. This is my favorite time of year, the beginning of all the fun holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So Happy Fall to everyone and we hope you enjoy this time of year as much as we do!


So thanks to Shannon I thought I would do one of these...since I usually just delete these type of tags...but here goes

What was I doing 10 years ago?

1. In the middle of my Senior year of High School.

2. Very involved in two choirs at school.

3. Commuting from Chino Hills to Whittier five days a week...for those who don't know the distance...about 30 something miles but in CA tack on at least an hour for traffic.

4. Dating someone seriously.

5. Enjoying my life without responsibility!

What are 5 things on my To-Do list today?

1. Watch Drew and Blake Bruggeman

2. Start taping the laundry room to paint eventually, we were suppose to paint but had another big project we tackled...

3. Seal the driveway and walkway...our house faces North, which is no good for the snow it would never melt without salt or something like it...so anyway to save us a huge concrete bill we thought we would fork out the cash to seal the concrete

4. Relax and read

5. Enjoy listening to the Presidential Debate..okay not really, I'm so sick of the whole thing...for Pete's sake it's been going on for two years now (not the debate that would be horrible), ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

What are my 5 favorite snacks?

1. All time fav...chips and salsa

2. Chocolate of any form...mostly brownies or even just a good ol' Hershey's bar

3. Homemade popcorn

4. Something that kind of goes along with #2...Caramel Apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!!

5. I can't really think of a number five...but I'm not picky!

What 5 things would I do if I was a millionaire?

1. Pay off all of our debt...and that's it, okay not really but let's see...

2. Put a large sum in savings

3. Start some type of savings plan for Reagan and future children

4. Shopping spree of course for me and my family

5. And really a million dollars wouldn't go too far especially with the first four things, but if I still had a little bit left over I would put some money in a massage fund...so I could get a massage whenever I wanted!!!

5 Places I have lived:

1. Southern CA (Whittier 1981-1997/Chino Hills 1997-2000)

2. Rexburg, ID (2000-2004)

3. Arizona (on two different occasions)

4. Highland, UT (lived with M&D Valadez 06-08)

5. Westminster & Thornton, CO (AND WE PLAN TO STAY HERE UNTIL WE DIE)

5 Jobs I have had: Sadly I've only had five...

1. The first job I ever had wasn't until I graduated high school...I know I was spoiled...but I got a job as a shipping and receiving secretary. The only cool thing that came from that was learning how to drive a fork lift.

2. I got a job as a hostess at Frontier Pies in Rexburg, ID. Let me tell you that was a load of fun!!

3. I worked as a temp in CA...some of my duties...I first started out doing weird stuff like inventory for Nordstrom's Rack, then I took a big step back and put labels on red bull cans, I worked in a candy factory making weird candy and my final job with the temp agency was working as a secretary which was a job I stayed at for awhile.

4. My last secretary job was with the Child & Family Studies department at college, that was a great job...every once and awhile I had to deal with a bunch of whiners but other than that it was a blast.

5. My fifth and final job that I got paid for was working for Kevin's dad's business...and that's all I have to say about that. But the hardest job I've had is being Reagan's mom, HOLY COW!!!


Saturday, September 6, 2008


Shame on me...I forgot to document and blog about the beginning of the BYU Cougar season! Kevin is more than excited to welcome this time of year. So good luck to the Cougars and be assured we will be watching ALL of the games. In fact we'll be traveling back to UT for one of the games and another we will be heading down south to Colorado Springs.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Okay to be honest she's probably the furthest thing from being a future olympian...granted the kid can't even manage to listen to her coach longer than two seconds. But she thoroughly enjoyed herself this week. So you're probably wondering what I'm talking about...Reagan started her first day of gymnastics this past Thursday. She was so excited to go with her new found buddy Kedzie. There are only four kids in her class including her and I can't imagine those coaches having more, I think that would drive me insane. But they seem to be very patient with the fact that they have little to no attention span. So needless to say we are excited for Reagan to do something a little different this year and enjoy getting some of that energy out! Oh and the last picture is of the cutest, most rambunctious little man I know, Mr. Ethan Ravsten! I had to get him in on the excitement of the day!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We are FINALLY settled into our beautiful new home in Thornton! Everything is unpacked and kinda sorta put away. In my mind there is still much to be done, i.e. decorating and organizing, but for the most part we got a lot accomplished. Mostly because my parents came for a visit and I wanted things organized and unpacked. It is hard to explain in words, mostly because I can't articulate what I want to say, how grateful we are to be in this area in our ward and in this home! The entire situation we know went so well because we have been so greatly blessed. We love our new ward. Everyone has been so welcoming and have done more than expected when it came to watching Reagan while we moved and all those wonderful guys in the elders quorum that came to help us move all our junk in! This area in our minds is hopefully going to be a wonderful area to raise our family in. The elementary school is just in the next neighborhood. And there are three parks within walking distance. And most importantly I LOVE how close SuperTarget is. I told Kevin when we were looking at this area that it was a sign that SuperTarget and some other beloved stores were just down the street, well a little further than that, but you get the point. And the point to all of this rambling...We are extremly grateful to live where we live. We are more importantly grateful to our Heavenly Father for blessing us this entire way! SO for your viewing pleasure...

Pictures from our very fun adventure of painting Reagan's room. We originally started off with a light green, but after much consideration on my part and actually trying it out on the wall we decided to change it to a yellow. And as it turns out the yellow is A LOT brighter than I would have liked but oh well, Reagan likes it.

Here are some other pictures of the house...

The pictures of the backyard are right after Kevin mowed it. I wasn't fast enough to find the camera, granted it took him about 2 minutes to mow it. Our wonderful neighbors across the way lent us their lawn mower.

And last but not least...I love this wall hanging that Kevin's former boss, Dr. Lori Wadsworth, who we love and adore, gave us...a perfect saying to the start of our new adventures...

(oh and if you can't read it, "home is where your story begins")