Monday, August 9, 2010


We are still in shock out how quickly this year has flown by...Taylor is one, crazy!  She has had quite the successful year...stock market earnings, world peace, you know nothing big....if only.  But we are so impressed at how much she has proven all the doctors wrong with being a preemie.  She hasn't had one delay in her development.  Sorry some bragging is going to occur if you want to skip down...She started sitting up at about six and a half months and not long after that started crawling.  She learned how to climb up the stairs the last time we were in Utah which was at the beginning of June, thanks to Kevin, and is super quick to get up them.  She hasn't quite figured out how to go down yet.  In fact she had quite the spill at a friend's home that had us a little worried but she was fine.  On her birthday we had my parent's out for a visit, we all had so much fun.  Also on her birthday she took her first couple steps and broke her first tooth.  She still isn't walking but loves to be brave and take a couple of steps from the couch.  She still only has one tooth in there, which looks kind of funny, I would take a picture but she is too quick to get one of her holding still.  We decided to get her an extremely large cupcake for her cake and she was in heaven.  She grabbed it with both hands and dug in, it was so fun to watch her enjoy it.  She is definitely her mother's daughter, she LOVES chocolate, I know we're bad parents for giving it to her.  Kevin started it, gave her a sip of a chocolate shake, she was hooked after that.  I took her to the doctor last week and the doctor was so impressed at how she is doing.  Her overall growth is a lot smaller then Reagan ever was but hey that's okay, she does have a 1/4 Japanese in her.  Her percentiles...10th for weight, 16th for height, and 66th for head circumference. Lots of brains is what the doctor said.  We sure love our Tay Tay, Tayter Tot, Twiggy (a nickname from the beginning), McStinky, and all of the daily names we come up with around here.  She is such a joy and we are so happy to have her apart of our family.  Happy 1st Birthday Ms. Taylor!  
Some of you know by now but to inform the rest of you Kevin started a new job on July 22nd.  He was working for the state and wasn't all too happy with the job.  And two years later he was offered a job after only a phone interview with the City and County of Denver.  He is still doing the same thing, performance auditing but it's with a city which is the direction he wants to go in. 
I've been working since February at 24Hour Fitness as a service rep at the front desk.  I didn't think I would love going back to work but I really have.  Kevin is home with the girls when I go to work so no extra costs with daycare, which really wouldn't make sense to do anyway.  And he loves spending time with them so it's a win win.  The whole situation has been pretty great, the best part I've lost at least 10 pounds from starting this job.  Apparently standing up for 15 hours a week makes you loose weight, who would have thought.  
Little Ms. Reagan starts Kindergarten on August 18th...I know I've said it before...but I'm going to be the weepy Mom when I drop her off.  She is so excited to be so grown up and go to school, finally.  We're so excited for her too.  
So that is what is the latest with the Vehars.  We're gearing up for another BYU Football season, two trips to Utah and a trip down to the Air Force Academy are already planned.  Goodbye social life, hello Cougars!  Love to all!


Shanna Nemrow said...

Love the updates Dana! Happy Birthday Taylor!! And I'll be right there crying with you...Mackenzie starts Kindergarten in a couple of weeks! Waaaaaahhhhhh

Chris and Kim said...

Happy Birthday Taylor!! Can't believe she is one!! Have fun in kindergarten Reagan! Looking forward to seeing you September 11th.

Chalyse said...

What a cute little one year old!!! Hope Regan is loving kindergarten as much as Talmage!!! (but it makes me sad too!!!) we miss you guys and can't wait to see you soon!!!

Mary @Delightful Bitefuls said...

Aw! You have such a gorgeous family!

New to your blog! Happy I found you!

Delightful Bitefuls